The real time 3D render generator for guided selling

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What is Quoted?

What does it happen, when 3D enters in your business?

Quoted is the real time 3D render generator for guided selling.

In just a few, simple steps Quoted helps your commercial force (to improve their selling performance) with a new way of production.

Quoted is a CPQ, cloud-based software, that creates real-looking 3D renders of almost every customizable product, providing a price list and generating a ready-to-print quotation for the customer.


Realtime 3D

Create real-looking 3D renders of almost every customizable product.
Forget the classic, flat catalogue: every product of your range will be displayed on the configurator in lots of different combination, according to your clients’ requests.

CPQ (Configure/Price/Quote)

The price adapts to the features and dimensions chosen by the customer in real time, offering the chance of an updated final cost for each product customization. Quoted can generate a quote based on your custom template that you can save and print it.

Cloud Based

Thanks to the cloud data storage, the access to your database will be available on different devices at the same time.

Why choose it

Not only a product

If you choose Quoted, you are not alone.

Quoted was born from the union of the web experience of LanMan Group and the knowledge in product and industrial design of Studio Volpi.

We'll give you complete support in shaping a configurator that will fit your needs.


Reduced Busywork

Reduced Time

Full Customizable


Who we are

LanMan Group - Information Technology

LanMan Group - Information and Communication Technology.
We design, build and manage innovative IT solutions.
We develop and expand the concept of digital communication through complex and innovative technology architectures.
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Studio Volpi

Studio Volpi is an international company ranking among the most important design studios in Europe.
We support the major world companies in business development, devilering innovative solutions in design, engineering and branding.

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